Comprehensive Resource Model

Comprehensive Resource Model for Trauma

As an offshoot of EMDR and Brainspotting, Lisa Schwarz Ph.D. developed Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) with Frank Corrigan, M.D., Alastair Hull, M.D., and Rajiv Raju, Psychiatric Specialist.

“CRM was developed in response to the need for a streamlined, integrative therapeutic model, one which engages a scaffolding of neurobiological resources in many brain structures simultaneously in order for clients to be fully embodies and conscious in the present moment while processing their traumatic material. All three phases of trauma therapy-resourcing, processing, and integration- are done simultaneously.”

The authors describe three primary categories of targeted processing: implicit and explicit survival terror truths, which all contribute to “thorough healing of complex trauma and an expansion into higher states of consciousness and embodiment of the essential core self.”